GRIT: America in a bottle, freedom in an eye dropper. Don't take nothin from nobody. This scent is illegal in nine countries. Its a wrangler of sorts, heardin wild hairs like cattle in a field. WARNING: product will make you a force to reckon with. Use at your own risk! **Contains Sweet Almond oil** jojoba oils and magical essential oils hand made in West Virginia in a 1 oz amber bottle with eye dropper.

To Use: After you shower that beautiful man mane, pat dry, with a lightly damp beard add a dime sized drop of oil to lather deeply into that beard and consider yourself 100% red, white, and blue.

**Our oils will promote hair growth, prevent/reduce skin irritation, beard itch, increase mental clarity, and helps prevent acne.**

(Scent is a very woody,leather-bound book, vigorous, masculine smell.)

Grow a thicker fuller beard, soften those whiskers, n tame those wild ones to the fresh pasture they belong in!

Our oils are 100% pure with no additives or fillers! Not only does our beard oil condition, soften, and hydrate. It controls beard flakes, reduces skin irritation, and improves mental clarity. It's science!