Our Beard Care Kits come with ALL the essentials! A handmade 1 oz bottle of Grit Beard Oil, 1oz tin of Beard Balm and a Handmade Peachwood Beard Comb all together at one affordable price!

GRIT BEARD OIL: America in a bottle, freedom in an eye dropper. Don't take nothin from nobody. This scent is illegal in nine countries. Its a wrangler of sorts, heardin wild hairs like cattle in a field. WARNING: product will make you a force to reckon with. Use at your own risk! **Contains Sweet Almond oil** jojoba oils and magical essential oils hand made in West Virginia in a 1 oz amber bottle with eye dropper.

BEARD BALM is made from state of the art technology, meticulously placed in aircraft tin containers with shea butter, organic coconut oil, and pure all natural beeswax from our good friend and local beekeeper Curt Shade with "Shades Farm". He uses no synthetic chemicals in his apiary and farm, making his beeswax ideal for body products!

BEARD COMB These combs are made of 100% peachwood. They are non static, wide tooth, handmade wooden combs.
Size: 3.5" - 2" - 0.25" (Length, Width, Thickness).

To Use: After you shower that beautiful man mane, pat dry, with a lightly damp beard add a dime sized drop of oil, or scoop a fingertip full of balm to lather into your palm then deeply into that beard and consider yourself 100%.

BEARD OIL:(Scent is a very woody,leather-bound book, vigorous, masculine smell.) BEARD BALM:(Scent is a subtle balsamic, pine needle smell.)

**Our oils will promote hair growth, prevent/reduce skin irritation, beard itch, increase mental clarity, and helps prevent acne.**

Grow a thicker fuller beard, soften those whiskers, n tame those wild ones to the fresh pasture they belong in!

Our oils are 100% pure with no additives or fillers! Not only does our beard oil condition, soften, and hydrate. It controls beard flakes, reduces skin irritation, and improves mental clarity. It's science!